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👋Hello World!👋

Hello World!

Or in other words: “Goodbye Blog! Hello Blog!”.

This is not the first time I write an Hello World article. Last year I got my feet wet creating a blog on

I enjoyed the process of creating content that people read and liked. I also loved the discussions around my articles. More often than not, I learned something new just from creating the posts themselves or from the discussions around them.

What I didn’t enjoy was that I was writing for a brand without benefits. I liked ProgrammerFriend for what it was, a brand. Currently, I don’t see much benefit in hiding behind it. I think I will not let it die, but just post more rarely there.

Programmerfriend was a good opportunity to learn technical and non-technical details about blogging. I finally got into writing, which is a big win for me.

Now we are here, on Here, I want to follow the same principles, the same ideas - just with my face more prominently attached to my content. I hope you will also like it here.

Let’s make yourself a home and shape the topics we will be discussing. Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on either Twitter or via Mail.